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Cloud Accounting

We use industry-leading cloud accounting systems and mobile apps that give you instant access to information in real time. This means you benefit from:

  • Easier invoicing. You can send invoices to customers from your smartphone or tablet
  • Easier record keeping as much the legwork can be automated
  • Automated bank processing
  • No more paper based records
  • Record purchases and expenses using your smartphone
  • Collect payments from customers automatically and automated credit control to reduce, or remove, debtors
  • Seamless integration with other software (e.g.: inventory management, CRM, EPOS)
  • Reduced accountancy fees as we have access to all the information we need in real time without you having to give it to us
  • Since we can access your data 24/7 you get more value from us. We can proactively spot opportunities to improve profit or save tax in real time, rather than months after the event
  • 24/7 access to up-to-date financial information and reports from any device with an internet connection (you can access your numbers with your smartphone or tablet)

Overall adopting cloud accounting makes it easier to get more accurate, more up to date and more useful financial information. If you want to find out more about how cloud accounting can benefit your business or for a free demonstration please call or email us now.

How cloud can transform your business

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stephem BradshawUsing Clearbooks has made a huge difference to my business. I have never had a clearer picture of what’s happening in my business and the result is I can control things so much better than before and things are A LOT less stressful!! To top it off Clearbooks is very easy to use and much quicker than doing things the way I used to.

Stephen Bradshaw, Owner Design 108


Every business owner hates bookkeeping and unfortunately it has to be done. It also has to be done in a prescribed format…otherwise the Tax Man will be on your back and when done accurately it provides critical financial information and key performance indicators that you can use to run your business more profitably.

It’s also difficult to get right (even using cloud accounting).

That’s where we can help. We can take care of your bookkeeping accurately and efficiently for you so know everything is correct. Also you are far better off using your time running your business or spending time doing the things you enjoy than doing the bookkeeping.

We have developed a process that exploits the full power of cloud accounting that means we can do all your bookkeeping without taking up any of your time, and without you having to send us anyinformation. We can access everything we need via the cloud.

The key benefits of this are:

  • No more time spent catching up with the bookkeeping that could be spent making money or with your friends and family
  • More accurate and up to date figures so you know exactly who owes you, who you owe and what your tax and VAT liabilities are
  • Confidence your VAT and tax returns are accurate
  • Better and more up to date financial information. With better information you can make better and more profitable decisions

Final Accounts

Unfortunately year end accounts are unavoidable. They have to be produced to enable you toreport income to the tax authorities and, if your trade through a limited company, file statutory accounts with Companies House.

And if your accounts are either wrong or late both HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House impose penalties. These can be severe. The bottom line is, you have to produce fully compliant year-end accounts by law.

As Chartered Accountants preparing fully compliant accounts is one of the things we’re trained to do. It’s in our DNA.

Whether we prepare your bookkeeping or not we can take care of your year end accounts quickly and efficiently, giving you peace mind that they are fully compliant. We also aim to complete year end accounts long before the statutory filing deadlines so there is no risk of late filing penalties.

If we also prepare your bookkeeping and/or Management Reporting the year end accounts are a painless process. Because we’ve been preparing your accounts throughout the year, converting the figures into a compliant format is much easier than taking figures you have prepared yourself. We don’t need to do all the usual checks and balances because we’ve already done them.

This means our fees for preparing the year end accounts can be significantly lower where weperform the bookkeeping.

How cloud can transform your business

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James AshworthWe changed accountants to Scullard & Co a couple of years after we started trading. They have always been very proactive at making sure our affairs are taken care of promptly and with very little fuss and interuption to our business. They provide us with regular accounts that help us understand our business and can make informed decisions to grow our business and make bigger profits. Changing accountants to Scullard & Co is one of the best decisions we’ve made in our business

James Ashworth, Co-owner/Director Ashworth Holme Ltd

Performance Reporting

As an extension to our bookkeeping service we can provide a full Management Reporting package. This will give you a detailed yet easy to understand insight into the financial performance of your business. You will easily be able to see where things are going well and what needs attention.

Our aim is to help you achieve your ambitions.

The information included in our Management Reporting package is an incredibly powerful tool in helping you do that. Information we provide includes:

  • Key Performance Indicator Dashboard – an easy to understand view of what the key profit driving numbers are and how they are changing over time
  • Detailed financial information so you can see, in detail, where cash is coming from and going to, who owes you and who you owe
  • A financial model that will take for numbers from where they are to where they want to be.
  • We can also report against this plan so you can easily see where you are, and aren’t, achieving your targets
  • Profit and cash flow forecasts so you proactively plan, identify future issues before they arise and deal with problems before they happen

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